How To Balance Work, A Side Hustle, & Life

I came across an interesting article on HuffPost the other day, ‘6 Things People Who Side Hustle Do Differently Than You’. In an old blog post, I talked about how so many of us have side hustles these days. A so-called side hustle can really be so many things. It can be freelance work, tutoring, a bartending gig, running a blog or an Etsy shop, selling on Ebay, carrying a part time job, volunteer work… the list goes on. Aside from what some people may say, millennials are totally killing it these days. Whether we do it to fulfill a creative passion or to some make extra money, supposedly 1 in 2 millennials have a side hustle.

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Go-To Chopped Veggie Salad

Planning is the key to success in my opinion and that statement definitely proves to be true when it comes to healthy eating. If I know I’m going to have a busy week, I try my best to put things in the fridge that I’ll actually enjoy eating Monday through Friday. For lunch, I’ve been having this raw chopped veggie salad. SO GOOD you guys. It’s really easy to make and helps me to get my vegetables in for the day.

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How To Make Money on Poshmark

I’m jumping on here tonight to tell you guys how I list and sell new AND used items from my closet on Poshmark. To put it in perspective, I’ve been actively selling on the platform for probably 2 years now and have made few thousands in sales. And that is with very minimal effort! For someone who has an ever-changing wardrobe such as mine, Poshmark is a no-brainer to fund your next purchase guilt-free.

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