The Secret Ingredient For PSLs At Home

Pumpkin spice lattes are obviously all the rage right now. I’ve made them at home in the past, but that usually requires opening a can of pumpkin puree, a pot, the stove, whisking, washing dishes, and other annoying steps to get to the final prize. Keep reading to learn what the secret ingredient is…

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A Budget-Friendly Guide To Living Your Best Life & Looking Cute While Doing It

Looking stylish is not always easy. It requires effort and a pretty little penny. Our minds have been tailored by Instagram into thinking we need to have the perfect outfit, the perfect hair, and the perfect makeup. It’s important to differentiate between the Instagram highlight reel and reality, but here are my budget-friendly tips and tricks for maintaining a cost-effective social life and looking cute while doing it.

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Scrubs Can Be Cute Too!

Some of you are probably wondering what I’m doing sitting on my bed in scrubs. Not the usual #OOTD that you guys are used to see on my Instagram, right? But in reality, this pair of scrubs from Smitten Scrubs: Blush Collection actually is my *very fancy* head to toe look on certain days of the week. As most of you already probably know after reading my blogging story, I also have a degree in nursing.

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