Second Trimester Recap

second trimester pregnancy symptom recap

I’m happy to report that my second trimester was so, so, SO much better than my first! For me, it was definitely the “golden trimester” just like they say. It seemed as though as soon as I hit 13 weeks, a switch flipped and I was back on my feet. All of the symptoms that I mentioned having in my First Trimester Recap blog post pretty much disappeared and I felt like myself again. Thank god! I was honestly a little concerned for a bit wondering if I would ever see the light at the end of the tunnel. Fortunately that day did come and I’m still feeling pretty good as I’m writing this at 28 weeks. But I will be sure to recap my third trimester once I get through it.

I didn’t have much to complain about in my second trimester but for the sake of sharing, here’s what I experienced:


  • Baby kicks – I felt the first tiny kicks at 19 weeks and they’ve gotten stronger and more frequent since then. Josh was able to feel baby’s movements from the outside sometime around 21 weeks. This has been my favorite part of my pregnancy journey thus far as I’m sure a lot of you would agree. At 25+ weeks I started to visibly see my stomach jiggle with baby movements and towards the very end of the 2nd trimester I was able to feel hard spots (assuming a head or bum?!) when she nuzzled into corners of my stomach.
  • Bleeding gums – My dentist told me that pregnant women have more sensitive gums due to hormonal changes. So while this hasn’t necessarily bothered me, it’s still something I notice when I brush my teeth.
  • Blue veins – Towards the end of the second tri I noticed blue veins starting to appear on my belly. Apparently they gets more prominent due to increased blood flow. Cute!
  • Trouble sleeping – Another “symptom” that hit towards the end of the second trimester. I don’t know if I just have a lot on my mind with our move (more on that later) or if it’s related to pregnancy. I definitely notice myself wide awake at 3am more frequently and difficulty getting comfortable.
  • Feeling full – As the baby has grown, she has taken up more room in my belly so I feel full more easily than I used to. I think this is pretty common amongst other preggos and will probably only get worse. I try to eat smaller meals to avoid the sensation but you know how that goes!
  • Numb patch – This is something that I felt pretty early in my second trimester on my upper left stomach. I notice it more-so when I am in certain positions or if I over-eat. My doctor said not to worry about it and that it is probably nerve-related and temporary. This has since to resolve and the area of numbness has gotten bigger.
  • Growing bump – I declared week 25 as the week I popped!


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