Our Baby Registry

Today I’m sharing our baby registry and all of the must-have items we chose for baby girl! I am essentially sharing every single item, big or small, that we have on ours. I read tons of articles on registry items and most of them just hit the big ticket items. What I really wanted to see outlined was alllllll of the stuff we needed — even the $10 essentials. So that’s what I’m going to do for you here.

I spent so much time researching products and brands so I hope this can be of help to anyone that feels overwhelmed. Obviously we are new, first-time parents so what do I really know!? But I can definitely follow up with what we found to be most useful once baby is here.

It is definitely a lot to tackle at first but I recommend starting early and you’ll eventually become familiar with all of the different names, options, and gadgets that are on the market. I put our registry in private mode then we could add, delete, and change it as needed. I joined this group on Facebook so that I could key-word search items we were interested in and read reviews from real moms. I found that to be really helpful!

Josh and I already got some of these items ourselves but majority are on our registry. We used Babylist to create ours because you can link to any retailer – not just Target and Bed, Bath, & Beyond etc.! It was really simple to set up and organize.

I organized these items into 5 categories which you can find below:

  1. Baby Gear
  2. Feeding
  3. Nursery
  4. Bath & Health
  5. Toys & More
baby registry must have items BABY GEAR
baby registry must have items FEEDING AND BOTTLES
baby registry must have items NURSERY ESSENTIALS
baby registry must have items BATH, HEALTH, SAFETY
baby registry must have items TOYS, BOOKS, AND MORE


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