welcome to Balance & Chaos: a life & personal style blog that touches on all aspects of my life & the things that I love the most.


…a little balance & of course a little chaos!

think: personal style that is ever-changing, healthy recipes a.k.a. my “skinni-minis”, cheat day treats because they are necessary, cocktails because we also need those in our lives, beauty tips & tricks, my travel adventures, sale alerts, & everything else in between

Balance & Chaos aims to inspire it’s readers to be the best, badass, balanced version of themselves while remembering to keep it real & most-importantly fun.


full name: jenna leanne boron

zodiac: cancer

city: pittsburgh

favorite things to do: caffeinate + cook + online shop

full-time job: nurse + blogger

drink of choice: cucumber cocktail

go-to healthy snacks: almonds + apple & peanut butter

netflix addiction: Nurse Jackie

favorite cheat meal: pizza + chicken nuggets

couldn’t live without: The Bachelor(ette), candles, dry shampoo, carbs/snacking, my 20 foot i-phone charger