Third Trimester Recap

I’m finally getting around to writing this blog post 6 months after giving birth! But I can remember the third trimester pains like they were yesterday. It seems as though as soon as I stepped foot into my 28th week of pregnancy, my body started hurting! Second trimester was definitely *golden* like they say, though!


Difficulty Sleeping & Repositioning – Getting more than a 2 hour sleep stretch at a time was essentially impossible especially towards the middle and end of my third trimester. I was sooo uncomfortable and constantly needing to reposition or use the bathroom overnight. I couldn’t wait until I could sleep on my back or belly again. Turning over or getting up out of bed was actually really hard for me to do. I remember thinking HOW is such a simple task so physically complicated?!

Lower Back Pain – The aches and pains really ramped up at some point during my 3rd trimester. Wearing this belly band really helped with my back and lower belly heaviness. You can find more of my must-haves that I used during pregnancy at that link.

Lower Belly Heaviness/Tightness – I hatedddd this sensation and it was pretty severe for me in my 3rd trimester. I carried low most of my pregnancy and my doctors always confirmed that she was “SO LOW”! They couldn’t believe I went over my due date at each checkup leading up to delivery. I never really had issues with being short of breath because she was never up near my ribs. The heavy feeling got worse the longer I was on my feet or when I would get up out of bed first thing in the morning or middle of the night. The belly band I linked above helped to relieve the heaviness and provide some support.

Baby Rolls/Kicks/Punches – I still had a ton of baby movement in my 3rd tri but harder kicks/punches and big rolls/turns.

Lightening Crotch – Oh my gossssh I will never ever forget the lightening crotch. I think it was probably the worst symptom in my 3rd trimester along with the belly heaviness. The doctor explained that this feeling of sudden zapping pain was baby pressing on nerves down there. It would literally stop me in my tracks. I remember being on all 4s when we were living at my parents’ house because it was the only position that alleviated the discomfort when she was getting wild in there.

Frequent Bathroom Trips – It becomes pretty excessive towards the end and actually really annoying never feeling like you’re empty – lol.

Ankle/Leg Swelling – The swelling in my ankles/legs would come and go but I definitely have some pictures from moments when it was pretty bad! My feet and ankle bones were visible again shortly after giving birth!

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