Q&A Part 1

Jenna Boron of Balance and Chaos | Pittsburgh Life and Personal Style Blogger | Question & Answer

I had you guys ask me anything on my last blog post & IG Story! I sifted through my emails and DMs and figured I’d start with a few questions and save some for next time! So let’s get right to it…

Question: “Help us adult.”

Guys. So many of you asked for adulting 101 advice. When Josh read that he laughed! And I couldn’t help but laugh too. TBH, I am the busiest I’ve ever been right now and my life is typically a bit of a hot mess. I’m almost always running out the door (and eating breakfast in the car), I never have groceries, I’ve had low air in my tire for 3 months, and I missed the deadline to pay my last credit card statement this past month. There are so many things to remember and keep up with, am I right!? **First world problems** So while you can see that I clearly don’t live a perfectly organized “adult” life, I’ve definitely learned a lot since moving into my own apartment last May. To each their own, but I highly recommend living solo for at least a year.

Question: “What’s your favorite store in Pittsburgh?/Where do you like to shop?/Where do you get all of your clothes?”

I am a huge online shopper. I have actually grown to kind of hate malls. On rare occasions, I will be in the mood for a good mall-splurge and I’ll leave with a big yellow bag from Forever 21, 5/25 VS undies, and fall-scented Bath & Body Works candles. My favorite online shopping destinations: Urban Outfitters, ASOS, Missguided, REVOLVE, Amazon. Oh and I just finished a project with Kristi Boutique in Aspinwall and it is so, so adorable. Be sure to stop if you’re in the area.

Question: “What do you use for black spots — the spots we have on our nose for example?”

I’m not sure what this person meant exactly but I’ve been using Rosehip Oil for over 4-5 weeks now and it is supposed to help with hyperpigmentation. Exfoliating on a consistent basis helps to reduce my pore size too!

Question: “What is your go-to curling iron/How do you get your beach waves so perfect”

I use this 1-1.5 inch curling wand. Super affordable and I’ve had it for years! I never curl my ends and I always curl away from my face.

Question: “How do you find time to balance your blog with your full time job?”

I’m still trying to figure that one out. I definitely would love to put out more content on a more consistent basis but sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. My best advice would be to plan ahead. Keep an organized planner. It always helps me to keep a running list of blog topics in my notepad that come to me at random times (like before falling asleep or when I’m in line at the grocery store). It’s also very important to shut off every now and then to focus on relationships, friendships, family, and yourself. A girl can only do so much!

Question: “I read your blog post about how you shave your face. I’ve had Tinkle razors in my closet for months and I just haven’t had the balls to go ahead and do it. Do you really think it makes a huge difference?”

I wouldn’t say that its a huge game-changer but I will say that I like it a lot and would recommend trying it! Some reasons why I am a fan of female face shaving: exfoliates, better product absorption, smoother skin. Read my full blog post here for more details.

Question: “What filters do you use?”

VSCO P5 at different strengths. I use Photoshop if I really need to brighten or adjust the coloring of a photo.

Question: “What is the best way to build a greater following?”

Post, post, post. Be consistent. Figure out your niche. Stick to 1 writing style. Don’t worry about numbers. Don’t post too many sponsored posts — you don’t want your blog and social platforms to become a giant advertisement — people will notice, I promise. Be PATIENT! Your following will grow organically if you stay true to yourself. You can find more blogging tips here.

Question: “What is your favorite season for fashion?”

Fall, hands down.ย  I live for oversized sweaters, leather, and denim.

photo: Lex King