YES, I am a female & YES, I shave my face

WHY I SHAVE MY FACE 07WHY I SHAVE MY FACE 01WHY I SHAVE MY FACE 04…and YES, you read the title correctly!

I shave my face and I am completely shameless when it comes to this topic.

I mean, I actually feel like I’m kind of a guinea pig for you guys and I’m perfectly fine with that. That’s my job, right?!

It took me a little while to get this post up so I apologize to everyone who was asking me about it on snapchat!

I had been pondering the idea of shaving my face for weeks before I actually pulled the trigger and ordered these cute little razors to do the big duty.

So here’s some background as to WHY in the world I started shaving my face —

Have you ever found yourself in the most horrificly-lit fitting room or bathroom and you just stare at yourself like “WOOF, REALLY?!”. I’m all about self-love, guys, but I think we all can relate to these types of W.T.H. moments. You start wondering if you really actually look like what you are seeing or if the mirror is just freaking lying (LOL-ing as I write this). My new apartment’s bathroom lighting is not the most flattering to say the least. I started noticing that I had these little annoying FUZZIES between my brows, forehead, and jawline that were more noticeable when I applied my makeup. Something had to be done.

After some research, I discovered that female face shaving is a thing. Had I been living under a rock? I guess so. So I had a YOLO moment and went for it. Watching my peach fuzz ball up on the razor was and is so freakishly SATISFYING. Can’t stop, won’t stop.


+ exfoliates & removes dead skin

+ allows better product absorption

+ leaves face smooth like a baby’s bottom

+ it’s painless (I promise!)

+ smoother-appearing makeup

+ & NO, it does not grow back thicker or darker


+ use Tinkle razors (do NOT use a regular razor)

+ shave your face 1x/week

+ make sure your skin is clean and dry

+ clean your razor with rubbing alcohol between uses

+ pull your skin taut then use short, downward strokes at a 45 degree angle

+ avoid eyes or any other sensitive areas

+ moisturize afterwards (I love using Fresh Youth Preserve & Caudalie calming spray — more about calming spray below)

So my good friend, Lauren, got me a goodie bag of products and accessories for my birthday and one of my favorites is this grape water facial spray. Supposedly it heals sensitive and dehydrated skin. You can use it as a mid-day refresher or as a toner after cleansing your face at night. Love it. WHY I SHAVE MY FACE 10

Moral of the story: YES, I may be crazy, but YES, I love shaving my face. Share your experiences below if you have one because I’d love to hear!!

Read about another one of my anti-aging techniques here.

P.S. there’s only 6 days left to shop the best sale of the year so hop to it!

X, j



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