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Tomorrow marks my 29th birthday (hi fellow Cancer friends!). The last year in my twenties.

Weird? Kinda.

Sad? Not so much.

“Getting older” and nearing the twenties exit doesn’t really scare me like it might for some people. I actually love where I’m headed and who I am as a person more than I did when I first entered this decade.

Tomorrow is just another birthday in my head. Although I must say… I do love my birthday. But I figure my blog post next year will be much more meaningful because it’s the big 3-0, right? Regardless, I do like to mark these milestone moments on B&C nonetheless. Kind of like a scrapbook for me to look back at.

Last year I reflected on 28 Things I’ve Learned in 28 years. This year I think I’ll just play a quick game of peak & pit.

As for my peaks: I continued to grow and and become more successful in my blogging career, I expanded and learned new skills as a nurse injector, got news that I was going to be an aunt for the second time, traveled to Portugal with my girlfriends (my first trip to Europe), watched one of my best friend’s get married, celebrated on multiple bachelorette getaways, Josh and I didn’t kill each other living together (kidding, love you), stayed in good health, and kept a consistent workout regimen.

And for my “pits” of this year… I’m really not able to come up with anything major you guys. Which, I know, defeats the purpose of peak AND pit. It was a pretty smooth sailing year to say the least and for that I am grateful.

As always, thanks for reading! Hope to see you guys still following along in my 29th year of life! XOXOXO



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