Scrubs Can Be Cute Too!

This post is sponsored by Landau. All ideas and opinions are my own.

Landau Smitten Blush Nursing ScrubsLandau Smitten Blush Nursing ScrubsLandau Smitten Blush Nursing Scrubs

Some of you are probably wondering what I’m doing sitting on my bed in scrubs. Not the usual #OOTD that you guys are used to see on my Instagram, right?

But in reality, this pair of scrubs from Smitten Scrubs: Blush Collection actually is my *very fancy* head to toe look on certain days of the week. As most of you already probably know after reading my blogging story, I also have a degree in nursing. I worked in pediatrics for almost 4 years and have been in plastic surgery for about a year and a half at this point.

Since entering the nursing world, Smitten has been my go-to scrub brand. I’m so glad that I found Smitten’s Blush collection because it is anything but boring. How cute are the rose gold zipper details on the black pair in my pictures?! A few more reasons why I love my Smitten Blush scrubs:

1. They carry a bunch of colors to spice things up from time to time

2. They’re different than your average scrub but still professional

3. The material is unbelievably comfortable for a long day (…you’d be surprised but not all scrubs are actually comfortable!)

4. They’re flattering

5. They’re not too short on me (Smitten Blush has a range of sizes including “tall” sizes)

Fortunately, I’ve never had to follow a business casual dress code for any of my jobs but it just seems like it would require a lot of money and effort. Being able to mindlessly pick out a pair of scrubs before work in the morning saves me a TON of time and energy getting ready. The more time I have to drink coffee, the better! And Smitten makes that easy for me!

Landau Smitten Blush Nursing ScrubsLandau Smitten Blush Nursing Scrubs