Guilt-Free Snacking With nutter puffs

This post is sponsored by on behalf of nutter puffs. All opinions remain my own!


what I’m wearing: slouchy peach knit sweater | Levi’s denim jeans

Snacking: one of life’s greatest pleasures.Β Wouldn’t you have to agree? Yes or yes?!

I typically don’t let myself keep any snacks in the house because this girl has little to no control when it comes to portioning. Josh and I laugh because we are both the same when it comes to that. If we buy a bag of chips, crackers, gummie bears, or whatever it may be… it will be GONE within 24 hours or less. Maybe more like 12 hours if I’m being honest. With that being said, I try to stock up on healthier alternatives like carrots, almonds, and things like that.

Fortunately, with popchips’Β nutter puffs, I can still feel like I’m indulging, but with a GUILT-FREE conscience. If you’re a peanut butter lover, I highly recommend you test these out for yourself. They’re puffed yet still crunchy and satisfy those sweet n’ salty cravings that come along from time to time. The regular peanut butter flavor is my all-time favorite but nutter puffs also come in other delicious flavors like peanut butter + chocolate! Here’s the low down… they are:

  • low calorie
  • gluten-free
  • non-GMO
  • are made with theΒ real deal peanut butter
  • contain 5 grams of protein in one serving

Before being introduced to these, most of the snacks I would have reached for definitely did not contain any protein or healthier nutrients for that matter.Β 

So I’d call these a WIN.


nutter puffs come in handy to get me through the day when I’m in my car a lot, hunkered up by my computer writing content, or shooting a bunch of looks back to back without time for a break. Β They’re also perfect for a post-dinner sweet treat and for no real reason during a Netflix binge session. Josh and I brought them on our road trip to Deep Creek the other weekend and they were definitely a hit with everyone in the family.Β 

You can find nutter puffs at your local grocery store or grab a bag on Amazon here. Prime users, you won’t be dissapointed!