Best Editing Apps For Your Instagram Feed

I’m constantly downloading, deleting, and searching for new editing apps for Instagram. Here’s a quick list of my favorites right now:

Glitché – This app is the one that gives you the trippy rainbow edges. To edit your picture, enter the app, choose a photo, click ‘CHNNLS’, and drag your finger over the area that you want to change.  There are so many wild effects that you work with in Glitché so this is a must have if you like to get creative on your feed.

Spark Video – You’ve probably been seeing a lot of bloggers and influencers uploading catchy little clips with appearing and disappearing text onto their Instagram stories. Spark Video makes it easy to create videos with text overlays right from your phone. Tip: with IG Stories becoming more popular than actually scrolling through a feed, it’s important to keep your Story fresh and exciting for your viewers.

InShot – I find myself using the InShot app very frequently. It’s great for rotating and resizing videos and photos to fit IG Stories and other dimension-specific places. You can also combine clips to create videos. It’s my favorite for speeding up, slowing down, and adjusting the lightness/contrast/warmth/saturation of a VIDEO without having to deal with Lightroom or iMovie.

Facetune – Facetune is still the sh*t solely for their ‘Whitening’ tool. If Facetune ever got discontinued, I’d probably be lost. I also like using Facetune’s ‘Details’ tool to make certain aspects of my photos pop.

Kirakira – For those of you who are living under a rock (or don’t have social media), Kirakira is the app that makes everything sparkle. Kirakira was probably one of the hottest apps of Christmas 2017. I mean, who DIDN’T upload a video of their glistening, decorated tree?

Capture – The Capture app lets you take a video screen shot. So basically it records whatever is on your screen and saves it as a video. I don’t use this one super often but it has come in handy for certain things that I have posted on IG Stories.

Darkroom – I lovvvve the Darkroom app.  I mainly use this app to pull certain colors from my photos. Example: I hate yellow and blue tones, so I always make sure to de-saturate them from all of my photos. There’s a ton of other helpful tools that you can use to edit within Darkroom, so don’t hesitate to download this gem.

Snapseed – I still have a lot to learn about the Snapseed app, but my followers have recommended this one to me time and time again. Too many apps, so little time!

VSCO – VSCO is my go-to destination for filters, sharpening, clarifying, adjusting skin tone, and adding grain to my photos. I try to stick with one or two of the same filters and roll with it to maintain a consistent feed. But that doesn’t mean I’m not editing on another app before or after VSCO.

That’s all for this post… let me know if I’m missing any download-worthy editing apps to keep my feed on it’s A-game! Happy Sunday!