18 Sunglasses To Rock This Summer

Oh hey, it’s me… just being v. extra in the featured photo above.

How was everyone’s long Memorial Day weekend? I woke up before 7:00am today struggling (for lack of a better word) and basically had to rip myself out of bed. Anyone else? The energy was at an all time low but the day has turned out to be more productive than anticipated. I meal prepped 3 different big batches and 1 meal for dinner tonight, listed a bunch of new Poshmark items, caught up on emails, and managed to get myself organized for the rest of the week.

Back to the post topic. Wouldn’t you agree that a cute pair of sunglasses is the cherry on top for a cute #OOTD? As you may have noticed in my grams, I’m very rarely spotted without them. There are so many fun and funky styles out right now that I just can’t resist. I personally never spend a lot of money on sunglasses anymore because I tend to honestly and irresponsibly lose them.

I rounded up 18 affordable sunglasses that you need in your accessory collection for this spring and summer. Shop them below!