Why I Love My Himalayan Salt Lamp

I’m about to get somewhat zen on you guys so get ready!

If you follow my snaps or insta stories, you probably see me rolling around these little pink salt balls all the time. Josh’s mom got them for me for Christmas since I had been obsessing over her set every time we were at her house. With these, not only do I get the benefits of the himalayan salt lamp but they are also warm MASSAGE BALLS.

HOLY. MOLY. These reaaaally excite me.

Josh was a little nervous when he found out that his mom got these for me because I think he assumed I’d be asking for a salt ball rub down every day (hehe). But fortunately for him (and I), I can rub these on my back, hands, and feet myself and it still feels amazing. My dad was visiting the other day and I officially have him hooked!

I have my lamp/bowl/balls lit as SOON as I walk into my apartment.


+ they cleanse the air by the power of hygroscopy

+ they reduce allergy symptoms — Himalayan pink salt is great for your airway!

+ they increase energy levels by generating negative ions

+ they reduce electromagnetic radiation (the stuff that flows from ALL of our electronic devices) — constant exposure to EM radiation can increase stress levels, lower immunity, and cause chronic fatigue

+ they improve sleep with their negative ions — positive ions in the air can reduce blood and oxygen supply to the brain which can result in a crappy sleep

+ they improve mood and concentration — another great benefit of the negative ions!



Be sure to do your research before purchasing one of these because you want to make sure it’s a “real” Himalayan salt lamp. There are knock offs everywhere and you will not get any of the benefits that I touched on if its a phony.

I’m heading to Boston this weekend… LMK if you have any recommendations as far as brunch, dinner, must-see areas, shopping, etc. Looking forward to exploring a new city!

Hope everyone has a great Friday and I’ll talk with you guys next week!

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