6 Financial Tips I Wish I Listened To In College

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Schenley Plaza Pittsburgh EventSchenley Plaza Pittsburgh EventSchenley Plaza Pittsburgh Event

Recently, I joined Marah of A Gypsy in The City at a local Pittsburgh event hosted by Citizens Bank. If you don’t know Marah, you’ve got to check out her boho lifestyle and fashion content. She’s got the whole branding thing down to a science and is a true creative. Not to mention she is just the sweetest thing!

The event was geared towards new grads but the location of the event, the DJ (who you couldn’t miss if you tried), the life-sized games, food stands, and cash cube attracted people of all ages. Through the event, Citizens Bank raised money for the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy which was another good reason to drop by. The Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy is a non-profit organization who strives to improve the quality of life for people by restoring the park system. Did you know that the Pittsburgh park system ranked within the top 25 of all U.S. cities? Pretty cool!

Schenley Plaza Pittsburgh EventSchenley Plaza Pittsburgh EventSchenley Plaza Pittsburgh Event

Seeing all of the students and new graduates mingling brought back a bit of nostalgia for me. The four years that I spent at Penn State were TRULY the glory days. My overall college experience and the relationships that I formed were nothing short of amazing. However, they don’t really warn you about financial responsibility. Needless to say, it all worked out! But if I could have given my 19 year old wild self 6 financial tips to actually listen to, these would be it:

1. BUDGET – You’ll thank yourself in the long run. I remember my checking account almost hitting triple zeros at the end of each semester. Thank god for ramen noodles and other weird microwavable items that you only eat when you’re in a dorm room. Make a trip to the ATM at the start of each week and set aside X amount. Use it wisely!

2. IT’S OKAY TO SAY NO – This is probably one of the hardest things to do in college when you’re trying to make friends and soak up every social opportunity. FOMO is a real thing (it’s actually in the Oxford Dictionary now – LOL)!

3. CHEAT THE TEXTBOOK SITUATION – The amount of money that is spent on course textbooks alone is ridiculous. They usually recommend that you buy the newest edition since the information inside has supposedly (key word) “changed”. Do your research, find out if you really need the textbook, and buy used if you can!

4. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF STUDENT BENEFITS – Basically use your student ID to your advantage as much as you can. Shamelessly attend those on-campus events that have free food, sign up for the cafeteria meal plan, save a buck or two at certain businesses by showing your ID.

5. LEARN TO LOVE BEING BROKE – Because you probably will be! But that’s what makes the college experience so interesting. You make due with what you have!

6. SIGN UP FOR A CHECKING ACCOUNT – I wish I would have looking back. Get the lowdown on the Citizens Bank student checking account below!

Schenley Plaza Pittsburgh Event


Monthly maintenance fee is waived if you’re under 25

Open your account with any amount

Advice and assistance when you need it

Mobile banking including Mobile deposits

Pay your friends and vice versa using Zelle®

Fast balance let’s you check it without actually logging in

What are your best financial tips?

Schenley Plaza Pittsburgh Event

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