Pulling Off The Brown Lip


I’ve had a bunch of you ask me what colors I use when I’m wearing my go-to lip look this season so tonight I’m giving you the scoop.

If you love a brown lip as much as I do, you will LOVE these two products. I chose a lighter shade of brown so you can totally pull it off in the daytime. 

By the way, if I’m buying lipstick, liner, etc., I refuse to go anywhere but MAC. Any of the “Pro Longwear” liners are EVERLASTING and I recommend using them underneath any of your sticks or glosses.

So my favorite combo of the season (pictured above) is:

Pro Longwear Lip Pencil in “ETCETERA”


Patentpolish Lip Crayon in “MY FLIP SIDE”

The crayon lit-er-ally tastes like chocolate and it’s a twist-up so you never have to sharpen it! I get that brown seems like an intimidating shade to rock but I promise, it’s a must-try.

X, j

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