Welcome to the Lurv Shack, Baby

Welcome, welcome, welcome…
Bedding: 3 Piece Linden Street Quilt in Beige
Since I ever-so-casually mentioned my decorating skills in my “About Me” section, I figured I’d let you all step inside my safe haven for a mini tour. Last summer I decided to completely tear down my room– I’m talking stripping wallpaper, ripping up rug, & tossing any and all furniture to the curb. I wanted to redesign from scratch and make it MY room. So I did…

Ivory & Beige Floor Length Curtains
White Whicker Basket
Being that I am a hermit and I enjoy my alone time more than the average human… (not kidding, I am known to lock myself in & hibernate for hours), I had to create the perfect bedroom.
I wanted the final product to be classy, cozy with a bit of ME…so I decided on monochromatics with gold accents for lil’ bling bling. Let me just tell you, keeping a monochromatic theme is NOT easy.
NOTE: You WILL buy & return paint, bedding, and any other decor give or take a total of 100x. Different lighting reflects different shades and tones and it is just a frustrating process.
Anyway- I always knew I had a knack for interior decorating but it was only until somewhat recent that I chose to pursue it. I’m even looking into taking classes for credibility so that I can one day take it up as a second career aside from nursing. But I’ll save that shpeal for another post.
So now that you’ve seen a snippet of my love shack, I’ll let you in on 5 essential items from my bedroom. These are examples of my little “me-time” happinesses that I often mention.
1.) My iPad.
2.) Victoria’s Secret pajamas. Wear cute, feel cute- get it, got it, good.
3.) Vaseline. I swear to Gawd my lips are addicted to this stuff.
4.) eos hand cream. Maybe I just have a moisturizing addiction…?
5.) My life and soul: my planner.
That’s all for now chicks.