The Downlow on Magnesium Supplements

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Let me start out by saying that although I AM a nurse, I am not an expert or doc when it comes to suggesting supplements for your own personal use.

I started poppin’ magnesiums every night about 3 months ago after I read one of Kristen Cavallari’s articles on her mobile app (BTW, you’ve gotta DL it – she has tonssss of great health & beauty tips on there!) After reading up on it, I made it a habit to incorporate one 500 mg supplement into my nightly routine…. and you better believe that over the weeks I’ve definitely noticed differences.

According to K.Cav’s article & webMD, magnesium helps with all kinds of stuff — & to name just a handful:

:: better sleep

:: anxiety

:: relaxes the nervous system

:: loosens tight muscles

:: alkalizes the body

:: helps with acne, eczema, & other skin issues

:: eases headaches

:: reduces PMS symptoms

:: acts as an antacid for indigestion

:: blood pressure

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If you’re looking to up your magnesium via your diet- here are some foods to start chomping on:

(tip: foods high in fiber are generally higher in magnesium)

:: green leafy veggies, broccoli, squash, avocados

:: seeds & nuts – especially almonds & pumpkin seeds (tis’ the season)

:: unsweetened cocoa

:: fishes like halibut, wild salmon, & tuna

:: beans

So hey, if we have the chance to look & feel like the total babe that K.Cav is, (even after 2 babies!), we should try. She’s gotta be doing something right.

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