Talking Falsies

nicolejarock3-33I can probably count on two hands the number of times I’ve worn fake lashes but when I do, MAC’s lash #7 is my ride or die go-to.

They are so natural-looking to the point that you could probably pull them off in the daylight without looking like you’re trying harder than Kylie Jenner (Sorry Ky — you’re hot but how do you do it every day?) 

I’ve tried the eyelash extension thing but they just weren’t for me. I’m a “picker” so the two didn’t mix well.

So here’s what I do to apply my #7s:

– First things first, I complete my eye makeup. I always use a liner when I’m applying falsies.

– Then I measure and trim the inside of my #7s before applying. I cut anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2 of the original lash OFF at an angle so that they look “winged”. I do this because personally, I don’t like my falsies to be visible at my inner eyelid.  I suck at glueing them close to my lash line so by doing this I’m avoiding any noticeable mistakes. My eyelid is also not very “wide” so the original length is too much for me.

– Next, I apply a light layer of lash glue to the falsies using  the back end of a bobby pin. I use MAC’s Duo Adhesive because I have yet to find anything better. It dries clears and my lashes stay on until the next morning (if that’s the kind of night you’re aiming for).

– I let the glue dry on the fake lash before applying for about 20-25 seconds until it gets slightly tacky.

– Last, I apply the falsies as close as I can to my natural lash line and reinforce them using the backside of my tweezers.

Practice makes perfect, people. I used to be atrocious at the art of falsies but now I’m getting pretty good.

These are also a great gift for a friend or sister. Be on the look out for a gift-guide in the near future, too… we’ll save that for another day, though!

X, j


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Photography: Nicole Jarock