Spicy Peach Margarita

Spicy Peach Margarita 1 Spicy Peach Margarita 2Monday is here and it. is. real. My motivation to be productive is at an all time low today. Would it be bad if I locked myself in the house and drank coffee / ordered Pizza Hut / & binge watched Scandal?! That’s why this blog is called balance AND chaos. LOL. No comment.

So I love trying new craft cocktails when I’m out. I had been wanting to create my own rendition of a spicy marg basically all summer so on Saturday I did just that. And it turned out bomb squad.

Here’s the recipe:

+ Jose Cuervo Golden Margarita Mix

+ a splash of club soda

+ a jalapeno slice

+ a peach slice

+ a lime wedge

+ serve with or without a salted rim


X, j


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