Post V-Day DIY: Rose Petal Bath Salts

photo-215 copyphoto 2photo 2photo 5Hope all of you love bugs had an awesome Valentine’s/Galentine’s Day.

Me? I just returned from a relaxing cabin getaway with Chad & my entire family. Not to mention, I think I created a food-baby while there (too much pizza, candy, & wine!) I definitely needed a weekend to unwind and do absolutely nothing. This negative degree weather in Pittsburgh deffffffinitely set the mood for a weekend hunkered inside.

Of course my blog-wheels started turning on our road trip up to the cabin. I’ve been slacking on DIYs so I wanted to come up with a fun way to re-use the roses that Chadster gave to me.

So think twice before you toss those flowers that your QT valentine gave to you yesterday. What better way to end your Sunday than with a cozy rose-infused detox bath?

The final product turned out super-pretty and feminine too. The roses dyed the salts to a light lavender color with tiny pieces of the deep red rose petals. (Perfect homemade gift too, huh!?)


photo 3Of course I did my research for ya’ll.

Benefits of a detox bath:

Eliminates toxins

Absorbs minerals in the water

Refreshes the body, mind, soul (no lie!)

Benefits of epsom salts:

Replenishes magnesium & sulfate levels

Magnesium reduces inflammation & helps muscle & nerve function (aka eases sore muscles)

Sulfate improves the absorption of nutrients, flushes toxins, & helps ease migraines

Benefits of baking soda:

Leaves skin soft

Anti-fungal properties

Benefits of ginger (optional):

Helps the bod to sweat out toxins (make sure to drink lots of water during your bath if you add ginger)

Suuuuuper relaxing and I love the sweating-effect.

What are you doing with your leftover flowers? I love new ideas!

X, j


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