Playlist: My Morning Commute

Pittsburgh Life & Personal Style Blogger Jenna Boron shares her morning commute playlist from Spotify

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How I start my morning is usually a big predictor for how the rest of my day is going to play out.

For example, if I eat a heavy, “carby” brunch, it’s highly likely that I’m going to grab pizza or pad-thai for dinner (that’s typically my hangover recipe!!) If I wake up late and am rushing to get my butt out the door, then the rest of the day is probably not going to be the smoothest. I prefer to get up after 2 snoozes, slowly sip coffee #1, eat a light breakfast, and have time to make my bed. Making your bed is so HUGE. If you’ve never read the article on a Navy SEAL’s advice to grads, then you need to check it out! Here is the link.

With that being said, music is a huge part of my morning. I love to finish coffee (#2!) during my morning commute and listen to an on-point, feel good playlist. Nothing like a pre-work pump-up to start the day!

Here is a playlist that I created that I’ve been listening to lately…