Old Fashioned Date Night At Home

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Simple Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe with Orange Peel
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DeKuyper Classic Ol' Fashion Liqueur

Hi everyone! How are we?!

Sharing this VERY easy Classic Old Fashioned cocktail recipe to make for a date night at home. Josh and I canโ€™t wait to get out and have some drinks and apps with friends at a restaurant. BUT, we can always appreciate and get down with a solid date night at home. Anyone else?

For the last couple of years, Josh has been very into bourbons and whiskeys. So it only felt right for me to master this drink for him. The skill level, you ask?  Zero to none and that is the truth! DeKuyper Classic Olโ€™ Fashion Liqueur makes it super simple for someone who isnโ€™t that familiar with crafting a whiskey or bourbon-based cocktail. Or any cocktails for that matter. All you have to do is mix some DeKuyper Classic Olโ€™ Fashion with you or your SOโ€™s favorite bourbon, mix, pop in an ice cube, and serve. I added a twisted orange for garnish and extra flavor but that isnโ€™t really necessary! This liqueur has flavors of tart citrus orange, balanced by bitter notes, a touch of sweetness, and bakery spice. Josh approved.


1 part DeKuyperยฎ Classic Olโ€™ Fashion Liqueur

2 parts bourbon

Orange peel (optional)

Maraschino cherry (optional)

This new product is available in stores nationwide and online through Drizly and Reserve Bar with a suggested retail price of $12.99 per 750 ml bottle.

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Check out this 2 step cocktail tutorial here from DeKuyper bartender Amy Probasco for tips on mixing an Old Fashioned cocktail using DeKuyper Classic Ol’ Fashion at home.

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