DIY Gender Reveal Party


Looking at all of these pictures again makes me smile so big!! I want to explode thinking about being an Aunt for the very first time! My sister & her hubby Dom had a lil’ gender reveal party on Friday & I was super excited to take charge and make all of the decorations.

Here’s what I put together >> a “Little He or Little She” voting board, mustaches & lips on a stick for a group pic (memories, duh.), homemade streamers, & a giant box filled with color-specific balloons for the big reveal.

What you need for the:

– Little He or Little She Voting Board –

Black Poster Board

Decorative Paper

Black Sharpie

Mustache/Lips (see below on how to create these)


– Lips & Mustaches on a Stick –

Pink & Blue Paper

Lollipop Sticks

(Just sketch lips/mustaches by hand & create your own stencil for the rest)

Hot Glue Gun

– Homemade Streamers –

(So0o much better than store-bought)

Coil of String (I chose tiny fake pearls)

Pink, Blue, & Yellow Paper

(Find different sized cups & bowls for your stencils)

Hot Glue Gun

– “Boy or Girl” Gender Reveal Box –

Plain Brown Box (Staples carries them)

Black Poster Board


Blue & Pink Glitter Paper

Hot Glue Gun

Pink or Blue Balloons

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