DIY Color Block Cord Wrap

photo 3

photo 1

 Earlier today I gave my iPhone charger a mini-makeover. I upgraded my USB cord from plain jane to fancy shmancy in just 40 minutes (AKA 1 – 2 episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashions — yes, I am addicted to their life and so are you). Luckily this DIY takes slim to no brain power… so even if you are craft-impaired, I have faith that you will be able to make this too!

what you need:

friendship bracelet string



photo 4

how to DIY:

tie string segments together in the order of how you want them color blocked

glue-gun the first few wraps to secure

wrap, wrap away!

glue the end to secure

photo 2

I loved how this beaut turned out! (such a great idea for stocking stuffers/small homemade gifts).

Now I’m pondering what else I can wrap up — headphones, lamp cords …. ?? share your ideas! X

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