Boozy Pink Lemonade

BOOZY PINK LEMONADE 6BOOZY PINK LEMONADE 2BOOZY PINK LEMONADE 5 copySince it’s Memorial Day Weekend, I thought it would be the perfect time to share this Boozy Pink Lemonade with you all! While apartment shopping at Home Goods, I got side-tracked (shocker) and found this bottle of sparkling pink lemonade for just $3.99. And of couuuurse I had to purchase for summer cocktails on my balcony!

This drink turned out so yum and so damn cute! I mean right?!


2 cups sparkling pink lemonade

1 cup blueberry vodka


mint leaves

lemon slices

BOOZY PINK LEMONADE 7(pack of 12 sparkling pink lemonades found here
BOOZY PINK LEMONADE 3(Target B&W paper straws)

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