Balance & Chaos Launch

Hi you guys!!!!

So let’s just cut to the dang chase — WHAT DO YOU THINK?! Are you digging the blog re-brand?! Personally, I am so, so, SO excited about the new name/logo/theme layout (make sure to check out the desktop version – it’s pretty different than the mobile view).

It was definitely time to make the risky change from The Domestic Diva Diaries to Balance & Chaos. While I will always hold The DDD close to my lil’ blogging-heart, I knew that the re-brand was necessary.

So the pending question: WHY ?

When I started blogging last year I was a complete newb (don’t get me wrong – I still have tons to learn). I had no clue, WHATSOEVER, what I was doing and what I wanted my blog to be.  All I knew is that it was going to be a place for me to share recipes, showcase my personal fashion sense, and dabble in some (less than) beginner photography.  Without much thought at all, I named it The Domestic Diva Diaries. Since then, I have made tons of mistakes, pulled my hair out over coding, compared my blog to too many other blogs, and switched around the overall look of The DDD far too much. While I will always strive to better my blog, I think I finally discovered my own unique “style” for Balance & Chaos.

While brainstorming for the re-brand, all I could think of was something that a friend asked me: “What do you want people to think of when they hear your blog’s name?” Hmmmm. Well definitely NOT The Domestic Diva Diaries. First and foremost, when I hear “Domestic Diva”, all I can think of is pink, frilly, girly, bows with a chick in a polka dot apron. I mean, RIGHT? For anyone who really knows me — COME ON, THAT IS SO NOT ME! That is why the thought of a rebrand haunted me for months (literally).

So it brings us back again: WHY Balance & Chaos ?

Well, it’s pretty much me to a freaking tee. My life IS the definition of balanced chaos. I am either dressed to the nines or I look like a frazzled mess. I am either healthy-obsessed or indulging in 75 slices of pizza. I am either an introvert for the day or I am chatty-kathy for the day. I listen to rap but I also listen to electronic music. I am either weirdly happy or I am in mean muggin’ mode. You get it.

So anyway — all of my old content was transferred to B&C (thank god!) but I am still working out a few kinks so bear with me!

You guys rock … I hope you love the change just as much as I do.

Don’t forge to check out my new “About Me” section!

X, j

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