Grilled Peaches

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To start off on a high note (sarcasm)– summer is quickly coming to an end… so0o that’s kinda depressing. Fall is my absolute favvvvv season but it’s usually too short-lived. This means no more sun-kissed skin, no more extended daylight, no more driving into work while its light out (the worst!), no more spontaneous beach trips, no more gazebo + coffee mornings, no more sleeping with the windows open, no more bright colors, & no more of thee best seasonal fruits!!

But hey, it’s not over yet.. so I’ll shut up & start soaking up these last few weeks.

So the other night I diagnosed myself with an extra-long brain fart when I realized I hadn’t made one of my favorite summer desserts not even ONCE all season– GRILLED PEACHES! Dear lawd, where was my brain at?!?!

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If you haven’t dabbled with grilled peaches then you need to STAT before you close down your grill for the summer. The grill gets them mega-juicey, warm & just heavenly.

[ what you’ll need ]

— ripe peaches

— smucker’s salted caramel sauce

— low fat frozen yogurt (optional)

[ how to ]

— halve your peaches / remove the peach cores / grill peaches face down for 4-6 min. or until grill marks appear / scoop your ice cream on top / and lightly drizzle your salted caramel sauce

On a scale of skinny to fat- I would consider this summer delight a moderately skinny dessert. You can make it super healthy by eliminating the sauce & ice cream and substituting with cinnamon / balsamic glaze / pecans / or just plain!

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Share your grill inspo below!!

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